Introducing Alayshi, the exotic and stunning beauty

Hold your breath and prepare to be captivated by Alayshi, a stunning three-year-old feline who embodies the elegance and charm of a miniature Maine Coon. Her gorgeous, feathery fur begs for gentle strokes, and her mesmerizing green eyes seem to hold the secrets to the universe. But Alayshi’s beauty is more than skin deep.

A Heart of Gold, Wrapped in Velvet

Beneath her regal exterior lies a heart overflowing with love and loyalty. Alayshi will bond deeply with her chosen human, showering them with affection and purrs that sound like whispered secrets. She craves undivided attention and thrives in a one-cat household, where she can reign supreme as the queen of your heart.

A Voice as Soft as Her Touch

And then there’s her meow. Imagine a sound so delicate and sweet, it barely registers as a whisper. That is the magic of Alayshi’s “meep,” it’s like a tiny love song, a unique melody.

Seeking a Furever Throne

We are searching for a truly special home for Alayshi, a sanctuary where she can bask in the warmth of undivided love and attention. If you’re seeking a soulmate in fur, a feline companion who will mirror your affection with unwavering devotion, then look no further. Alayshi is ready to grace your life with her regal presence and fill your days with the gentle melodies of her heart.

Alayshi is:

  • Three years old and brimming with playful energy
  • Spayed and vaccinated for optimal health
  • An ideal companion for someone who wants a devoted, attentive, and loving kitty; one who waits for you and greets you at the door. 

To inquire about adopting Alayshi please contact The Kitty Momma Rescue at 715-410-9137.

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Rehoming fee: Gift a kitten Program $75 (was $125)

All kittens at The Kitty Momma Rescue are evaluated for health upon intake, treated for worms/fleas, and come with a small amount of their current food to help with adjusting to new foods without stomach upset. They have been socialized with other cats, dogs, and kittens. Ongoing support through answers/questions and other resources may also be provided. We want our kittens to continue being healthy and happy even after adoption.

Please call or text 715-410-9137 if you’re interested in meeting one or all of our kittens.

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