Severely injured cat

SHE’S a HE (name suggestions please)

UPDATE 2/13/24
“Pixie” is almost ready to leave The Kitty Momma Rescue! We took HIM to the Alief Animal Hospital today for HIS last treatment. He needs to get neutered/vaccinated and he needs a new name. Please help “Pixie“ get neutered so he can start his new life outside of a cage ❤️

A rare peek at her open eyes, Jane Doe sleeps all the time, other than to eat, pee, and poop. So I think she is recovering fine. If you would like to help support Jane Doe please visit our Amazon link especially for her.

These are the kind of babies I want to run to. I wish I could save every one of them, every time, from every thing.

I want you all to know I am preparing a more detailed update, but today has been emotional for me just sitting next to her cage watching her sleep and peek at me once in a while.

This baby is safe! She has been to the Alief Animal Hospital and had her first treatment for Sarcoptic Mange (some of you more experienced with feline illness already accurately diagnosed her❤️). She will have treatment weekly until the skin scrapings test negative. Her vet bill was only $128.50 (I love Alief Animal Hospital). However, she will need these visits weekly. THANK YOU ALL FOR DONATING SO SHE COULD GET IMMEDIATE VET CARE! My tech guy is sleeping so I will do my best to upload pictures and videos (we both had an exhausting evening). Some of you know that I was bit in the process, but don’t worry about me. It’s just a nice little puncture wound on my finger and I am watching it carefully. She was worth it ❤️ I did document her rescue in video and my tech guy will edit and post it tomorrow. Good night all, to be continued.


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