Introducing Tandy, the Feline Comedian

Roll out the red carpet for Tandy, a charismatic feline with a face that could launch a thousand laughs. This mischievous tabby bears an uncanny resemblance to Charlie Chaplin, the iconic actor and comedian. With her wide-eyed expressions and playful antics, Tandy is sure to bring a touch of Hollywood glamour and lightheartedness to your home.

Tandy is a bundle of energy, always ready to entertain with her acrobatic leaps and playful pounces. She’s a master of disguise, expertly blending into her surroundings before springing into action with a surprise attack on a dangling toy or a unsuspecting ball of yarn.

While Tandy is still a mischievous kitten, her heart is pure gold. She’s affectionate and loves to cuddle up on your lap for a soothing purr session. She’s also a great listener, ready to lend a furry ear to your woes or simply bask in your company.

As part of the adoption process, we ask for a $100 rehoming fee to cover the cost of Tandy’s spay surgery. We encourage you to get Tandy spayed as soon as possible to ensure her health and well-being.

If you’re seeking a playful companion with a dash of Chaplin-esque charm, Tandy is the perfect match for you. Open your heart and home to this adorable kitten, and watch as she fills your days with laughter and love. Contact us today to learn more about adopting Tandy.

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